"It's twenty minutes from New Year's Day, and I walk outside to find out that it's snowing in Tucson, Arizona"

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"This cubic toilet."

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"My cat's antibiotics advise him to neither drink alcohol nor operate a car."

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"Chicago Reflected off of Lake Michigan, Viewed by an airplane"

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"The die in the middle is printed differently."

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"Exploring a random street in San Francisco when I looked up and saw the offices of Imgur. One of the biggest footprints on the net and they're just tucked away in the city..."

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"Makes you think what else really isn't done like you think it is."

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"My niece had a plastic duck, but dropped it. Looks like there was an elephant inside of it."

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"Nokia "brick" phone literally used as a brick"

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"Moss has grown only in the letters of this gravestone"

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"The sun is reflecting the ice crystals in the sky. Gotta love a cold Wisconsin day."

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"I got a scary ticket today."

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"These eggs expire tomorrow."

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"[xpost /r/lobster] Lobster in a bucket looks like a gigantic monster on a metallic planet, and the waterdrops look like stars."

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"Your book came with an uncut page, mine is even more retarded"

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"A paper clip shaped like a pig"

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"When a movie budget doesn't allow for numerous movie extras, they resort to these "pseudo-extras" instead (x-post from /r/extrawoods)"

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"I found a 2 bags of chips sealed together to form one super bag"

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"This chain link fence cuts tree in half"

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"It was a group effort, but OP's windshield has now hit the big screen!"

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"This smallmouth had a meal already when I caught it."

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"Ridiculously photogenic potato"

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"This clump of moss on top of a recycling bin looked like an aerial view of an island."

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"Too bad traffic will never allow him to get to 88 mph"

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"This squashed cup lid looks like The Millennium Falcon"

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"The only NFL player I wouldn't put it past to possibly join Tinder..."

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"These waffles don't expire for another millennium"

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"The hotel I'm staying at gives $15 vouchers for each day you decline housekeeping service."

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"This tree's tiny butt."

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"My book came with an uncut page."

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"This bar has a strip of frost to keep drinks cold. Sweet."

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"This £2 coin"

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"This palm tree is growing out of another tree."

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"My puzzle stuck together when it fell off a table"

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"The exact same spot where Harry Potter took place."

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"This packaging has no illustrations or advertising to keep costs down."

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"These 4's have cracked in almost the same way."

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"My brother-in-law put a penny between two gears"

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"Cool ranch Doritos are called cool American in Finland"

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"My christmas tree fell over today. This was the only ornament that broke."

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"A cut on this leaf didn't sever it, but left the rest of the leaf dead."

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"My Bunnies From Birth. Watch them transform from Hippos to fuzzballs!"

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"This bikers jacket has signal and brake lights."

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"Apparently some horses can grow awesome mustaches...."

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"This aluminum can shaped recycle bin is for plastic only"

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"This chair is designed to be in the corner of a room"

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"My water froze just enough to make a nice little cup for itself. Just need to poke a hole in the top for a straw..."

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"My house key is a creep"

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"The ice on my windscreen this morning kinda looked like the Earth from Space."

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"In 9 out of 11 languages, it's still tomato ketchup..."

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