"This picture I got of a night market in Bangkok"

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"My fridge looks like a one-eyed Easter Island statue"

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"New posters above the urinals at work"

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"The way these perfect IKEA towel piles are made."

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"I found the perfect pot to hold my succulent!"

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"The way this set of Formula 1 tires look after a race"

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"This coke bottle at my grandpa's house. I have no idea what year it's from."

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"This conveyor belt looks like a roulette table"

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"Found this at my bus stop today"

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"National Geographic on plastic pollution is wrapped in paper instead of plastic this time"

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"Salt, cumin and paprika shakers at local Chinese bbq grill."

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"This grocery store that used to be a hockey arena still has center ice marked."

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"Found an ashtray that encourages people to bin their cigarettes with polls"

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"Left my deodorant upside down in my truck when it was 95 degrees out. It perfectly formed to the inside of the cap and still 100% usable"

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"I saw a black squirrel with a blonde tail"

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"These Aussies brought their own Vegimite to enjoy their New York Continental Breakfast"

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"This piano I made out of random rocks"

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"My hotel in Bangkok gives you a phone for your stay equipped with free world wide calls, data for maps and it filled with info"

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"I snapped a cool before and after picture of this fungus in my backyard. The 2 images are 24 hours apart. I had no idea it would change appearance when I took the first picture."

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"For 5 years the custodian at my work puts one over and one under toilet paper roll to accommodate both types of people."

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"My Uber driver’s consistent arm placement has worn the top of the center console."

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"Realized the other day that the Vans logo is just the square root of an answer."

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"This cat escorts patrons into the clothing store it sits in front of then returns to its post until someone else approaches."

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"This sexy classic car had a matching trailer."

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"This cloud looks like Godzilla giving the thumbs up."

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"This plant growing out of the top of a wooden pole."

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"Found this 41 year old unopened Pepsi at a thrift shop"

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"This millennium falcon that I made out of foam."

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"When Pepsi is clear and water is black"

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"OnePlus 6 typing out the vibration options"

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"This swirly watermelon"

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"This reserved table at a Burger King"

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"I took a photo of my dusty TV with the flash on. It kinda looks like outer space?"

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"This sushi restaurant has tables that simulate traditional Japanese seating while letting you sit normally"

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"A message for those who finish their Hawaiian rolls"

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"The plane seat in front of me was removed, giving me an abnormal amount of leg room for an economy class seat"

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"Interesting Fungi Arrangement"

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"Friend took a photo of me swinging my shirt around and it looks like i tamed a crow to perch on my hand"

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"Breakfast bar with natural honey dripping from a honeycomb"

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"This bib number I found during a race with almost 40,000 people"

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"My beer has an interesting way of reminding me to recycle."

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"My toothbrush can charge using my wireless phone charger."

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"The rain washed away this drawing of the Cheshire Cat leaving only the smile"

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"Roman brick with dog prints dated 70 AD"

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"We are looking for users to join our mod team."

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"This moth covering up part of "Mother's Day" to make "Moth Day""

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"This street in Philadelphia is paved with wood"

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"Dropped my pizza board and it transformed into a cheese platter board"

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"The art in the background makes appear like my 1yo daughter is holding some kind of melee weapon"

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"A pair of dogs at a cabin I went to in Kent, England"

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