"My mom found this post card from 1963 when zip codes were first introduced."

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"The hotel I’m staying at has a Texas shaped pool"

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"this picture on a sports chair of a man sitting on the ground looking at his sports chair"

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"The web on a dollar bill is made by a spider"

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"My chickens laid an egg without a shell"

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"Spring on the nails so the tree bark can grow and not eat the sign."

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"A panorama I took during a karaoke party with a strobe synched to the music's beat"

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"How my school reminds people not to drink and drive during the prom weekend."

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"This shadow on my kitchen drawers"

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"My Great Great Aunt's 100 year old nursing kit has a vile full of cocaine tablets and a syringe."

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"After 26 years of pointing out which ear doesn't work hopefully this will work.."

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"Utility company sent out brochure with natural gas scented "scratch and sniff""

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"A bear in hardwood flooring"

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"A photo I took of a pretty rare(for me) valley carpenter bee"

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"The barcode on this box of noodles."

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"I painted my fanblades red blue and yellow, and when you take a picture it creates more colors"

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"My arm from laying on cables"

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"When you give birth in Japan they make you stay for 5 days. On your last evening before being discharged they give you a lovely congratulations meal. This is mine as I'm being discharged in the morning."

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"My grandfather’s stapler from 1938"

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"The sun completely set through my right window, but was still setting in the left window during my flight."

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"I decided to use the portable toilets outside of Target that people are afraid to go in, what a discovery."

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"My dogs medication is bone shaped"

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"Drogon lamp I 3D printed."

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"Different kinds of mantis"

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"In Lithuania you can collect magnets of every major city to form the country map. They have illustrations of famous people and landmarks."

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"This staircase to a Tiny House."

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"This branded U.S. Army battery is made in China"

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"My hotel room had a white noise machine installed in the wall"

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"The bruises on my arm after nurses couldn’t find a vein"

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"There is a bird pooping all over the Sony building with a nest in the bottom of the “S”"

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"My friends medication makes some of his hair grow white while he's taking it, so his hair becomes stripey over time as he goes on and off the medication."

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"This guy's tombstone is a giant micrometer."

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"This fungi called Deadman's fingers.."

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"This antique American Pledge of Allegiance does not reference God"

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"Chocolate Cream I’ve got from my dorm in Turkey has an interesting name"

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"This sticker I found in a public bathroom."

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"There’s a privacy button that plays sound in the toilet in the background in Japan so your bombing sound wouldn’t be heard"

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"Rather than having a felt tip, this highlighter is like a crayon"

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"My phone vibrated when I took a selfie"

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"This perfectly roasted marshmallow"

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"This piano at Fisketorvet in Copenhagen"

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"The way the leaves grow on this tree make it look blurry."

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"Lightning struck the pin on the putting green."

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"This indicates the number of months you have to use up the product from the date you break its seal, before it's no longer considered a "good product""

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"I made this entire PBn'J sandwich by hand: Peanut butter, strawberry preserves, and bread"

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"My school uses purple carpet to indicate the classroom doors that swing out"

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"My box of sour patch kids only had blue ones."

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"In some German ice cream parlors they serve ice cream that looks like spaghetti."

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"My friend left her bathroom window open and came home to a bird’s nest!"

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"My Great Great Grandfather's pocketwatch that my Grandpa recently gifted to me."

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