"Last month I was infested by fruit flys in my appartement. So I let this little guy and he ate most of them. His name is Peter. (Obviously)"

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"Washing machine aquarium"

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"Coasters even for people who don't live near a coast :)"

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"I Built a Hurdy Gurdy..."

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"This Target outside of Marathon, TX"

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"My family is making ornaments out of molding putty. I’m terrible at crafts and just put some paint on the putty and rolled it in my hands and it came out looking like an exotic planet."

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"This carpet in the airport"

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"This white squirrel I saw on my walk"

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"My friends homemade Christmas cactus"

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"A double-sided statue at the Salarjung Museum"

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"My sisters cat has an upvote on his forehead"

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"My girlfriends cat has two different colored eyes and they reflect different colors when recorded"

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"Got stuck in the snow and my mom hands me this to get us un-stuck. My grandfather’s WWII shovel."

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"My downstairs neighbours' christmas decorations."

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"This Car Painted to look like a Little Tikes Car (Kid’s Toy)"

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"Was handed this at a furniture store, can plant the paper embedded with seeds and it will grow in to flowers."

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"That's what a lemon looks like with no skin"

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"This bug hotel I found on my walk this morning."

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"My friend’s dog has a human face."

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"This reflection in Amsterdam"

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"Waffle-maker advertising a waffle it did not make."

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"This 40+ year old incandescent light bulb from a German schrank that finally died. The schrank was moved from Germany, across the Atlantic, and moved between 3 homes in Minnesota, yet this light bulb survived 40+ years. We’ll never find a replacement."

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"I cut off the tip of my finger and they sowed it on, the new skin doesn't glow in the uv light but the old undamaged skin does"

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"You can see right through my lizard's head"

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"From my great-grandmother’s autograph book, dated 1908"

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"This house near where I live is decorated like Clark's house from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

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"My garbage can made a garbage can shaped ice cube"

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"My grandmother, born in 1931, used to serve cigarettes to her dinner guests out of this sterling silver box. Each place setting also had their own small matchbox that fit into these sterling silver cases."

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"22 years of Christmas tree stumps. No clue what 2009 was doing"

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"A 1 Yen coin is so light it won't break surface tension"

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"Headstone in a cemetary."

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"My maths lecturer wearing an infinate tie version of himself"

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"This cat chilling out"

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"I always knew it was possible, but I’ve never actually made the coin shield until today"

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"My cat has the number 3 in his markings."

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"The difference between someone 5'2 and 6'2 taking our picture"

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"A rainbow liquid we made in science class"

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"Cassette I bought at a thrift store had a conert ticket in it from the year the album was released"

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"Each floor has a pattern corresponding to the floor number"

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"My dogs decided to cuddle together on the floor. They are perfect for each other. Yin and Yang"

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"The way pay to park spots are enforced in Japan"

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"Happy Thanksgiving"

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