"Goodbye cake for a future gynecologist"

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"My Mums new blood glucose tester connects wirelessly to her insulin pump which then calculates how much insulin to administer. It also charges via USB & logs all her results for her doctor to view."

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"The way this water spout froze"

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"Today I got Tyler's returned gift from Amazon."

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"The billboard of national debt I pass everyday"

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"This is not photoshopped and there's no filter. He really had a prism refraction on his tongue."

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"The face inside the margarine container..."

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"The color of the wall blends in with the sky."

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"Replacing apartment windows high up on scaffolding when I stumbled on this note in someones 5th story window. Made my day!"

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"My buddy made this leather case for me."

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"This magazine/book from 1892 I found in a hole in the wall in a rental flat. It's super old and yellow and has full short stories, untouched inside it."

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"My wife tried to make a toy for our son. She accidentally built a Baby Trap."

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"Contractors working in our basement found a package of letters hidden in the floorboards from in the 1920s."

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"The snow hitting the windshield looks like hyperspace"

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"The letters on the back of my suncream have decided they’ve had enough."

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"A gun that holds another gun"

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"My brother was eating a sandwich and this crow started tapping on the window."

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"Heat from car’s alarm bulb was enough to melt snow above it last night"

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"My printer malfunctioned."

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"This plant looks like a group of humming birds"

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"Radioactive cars being retaken by nature from the Fukushima disaster."

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"This pallet at my job was built with a cross section of pinecone."

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"This unknown strangers tattoo looks like me"

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"These napping pods offered by JetBlue at JFK airport"

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"The way my son's Lego boxes look empty from the reflection off the top."

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"Flying into Vegas tonight, the mountains look like embers."

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"This hand-knitted butterfly"

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"My bag's wheel and those metal things look like a puppy with it's tounge out"

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"Just realized I have the same bowls they have on Stepbrothers"

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"None of their feet are touching the floor"

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"This Corona Virus"

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"The way this can of beer matches the colour of the table"

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"This hidden sloth on my Brew Dr kombucha"

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"This No Smoking sign from a restaurant complex."

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"The tack fell out the "pick up" sign to point directly at a woman at this restaurant. I asked her if i could take a photo, and then what her number was so i could send it to her."

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"The way this tree decided to grow"

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"Thought this was cool. Decided to post it"

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"I found perfectly hart shaped potato while cooking"

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"This Minnesota Judicial Branch pencil with an eraser shaped like a gavel."

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"A Lost World Jeep spotted at a grocery store in North Carolina."

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"I wanted to break a Guinness world record so I chose to make to scale, with the same material, the world's largest functional petri dish"

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"This popcorn looks like a man wearing a beret hat"

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"The way these branches fall in front of the light gives the illusion of a massive cobweb"

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"My lunch meat and bread are the same shape and size"

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"Bought a UV flashlight to look for scorpions in Arizona"

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"In Germany we have "puke sinks" in some public places that have events like the Oktoberfest."

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"This trucks shadow says "Hi""

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"This stack of towels and rolls looks like Cookie Monster"

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"Brace yourself. You're looking at the most detailed image of the sun's surface captured by a newly built ground telescope in Hawaii!"

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"My glasses lit my tissue box on fire."

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