"This book bag I bought at Comic Con today glows with flash photography."

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"This house has a guard turkey"

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"Almost tripped over this large eel that choked on a fish, died and then washed ashore in Mexico."

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"These doves walking by the window sill looks like they're giant"

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"My friend and I encountered the three species of curly fries at Arby's."

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"The instructions my 12-year-old wrote to teach me how to solve a Rubik's cube."

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"This ‘Ship in a Bottle’ Lego Set"

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"My local city planner has a sense of humor"

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"World map in an Australian Cafe"

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"The lime in my drink stopped the rum mixing with the coke"

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"A house near me has birds on the brickwork and the one has a single brick sticking out as it’s beak."

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"Frost line created by neighbor's shadow"

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"This couple from my hometown passed away exactly four years apart, on leap day."

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"These swings at my local park let you swing with your baby."

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"During their infancy, ACDC peformed in my hometown for $3 a ticket. My Grandpa was doing a church thing in the same hall they were rehearsing in and complained how much noise they were making"

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"A newspaper article from 2003 about how I was born in a car crash. My mum was on her way to a westlife concert and crashed putting her into labour. The band later dedicated a song to me."

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"My cat resting his precious head on a pillow."

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"This tree has grown round the railing"

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"Am I the only one that keeps his desktop like this?"

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"Am i the only one seeing this?!"

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"Accidental M.C. Escher"

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"I found a green 8.99 carat sapphire today fossicking in Australia. Makes me so happy after months of digging holes in the Bush."

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"When your blood starts going into the IV line"

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"We use hard drives instead of film reels at my movie theatre and I realised this isnt something anyone else likely sees every day"

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"My cactus has grown a strange looking flower"

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"The way this drop of water landed perfectly in my O key"

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"This wooden tie I’m wearing as a groomsman."

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"The bottom of my shoe shows exactly where the pedal sits when I ride my bike to school every day"

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"This amethyst crystal I found dug up from construction."

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"This "birth control pill" I have from the 1960s."

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"This house in Hoover Beach, Hamburg, NY after a blizzard yesterday"

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"A pikachu Tesla I spotted today on my way to work"

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"My dad made a fruit bowl entirely out of wood. He's working on the grapes"

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"Folder color bleached away by the sun after 6 years next to a window"

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"The different colors of paint on the NYC subway pillars over the years."

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"This wood grain on my desk that looks like a dog"

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"The sunlight through holes of my door reflecting into my bedroom's wall."

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"My cats sleep in a perfect heart shape"

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"My friend dropped a paint lid. The result looks like a brain scan."

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"These PlayStation playing cards and the case they come in"

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"At our school cafetaria, no-one ever wants the receipt. So the cafetaria lady put the paper in a loop to limit paper waste."

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"A Korean news program actually filming on top of a building and not using a green screen"

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"Someone had all the failed presidential candidates bumperstickers on their car"

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"This paw has a paw"

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