"We don’t use our dishwasher often, and a seed from the bread must’ve gotten into the rotor and started growing. I planted it outside to see if/what it will grow!"

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"I manage a bar, and the kitchen fryer got a deep cleaning today due to an oil leak. Presenting the Grease Stalagmite!"

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"This vinyl record package with a message for the mail carrier."

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"I found this terrifyingly huge spider crawling on this 300 year old grave in the Sleepy Hollow cemetery"

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"Left: women's pockets fitting a switch lite, right: men's pockets fitting a regular switch"

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"Just bought a house and my husband found these in the new garage. 80’s and 90’s."

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"This circuit board that I was sent specifically says "do not yeet""

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"My mom’s cat looks like this crosstitch her grandma made 50 years ago"

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"Timeline/ History of the Cup Noodle"

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"Venezuelan oreos are brown instead of black."

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"Checkers teaches a basic waltz"

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"The Cadbury’s ‘C’ is visible in the centre of the rose on their Roses box"

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"This curly whisker on my chonk"

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"Coca-Cola makes a pink soda named Jesus, in Brazil"

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"The hot water broke the glass evenly into 2 halves"

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"This plant that grew through the hollow metal fence"

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"Gym instructions without the dude being super muscular whatsoever"

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"My phone glitched out shooting this panorama, creating a scene out of Inception"

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"This guy chilling outside the pub in North Wales. He was massive btw!!"

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"This toast bread in Germany sold without the end slices"

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"A tiny tortoise I found on the road"

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"My country's airport has banana peels as cones to warn you about wet floors"

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"These Christmas decorations"

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"40 plus year-old condoms and cigarettes found hidden in a jar in one of my uncles' teenage bedroom"

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"My grandfathers 1926 Liberty Dollar he carried for 50+ years because "a man's always gotta have a dollar in his pocket"."

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"I got tipped the crispiest 2001 twenty dollar bill today."

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"Found ET in a cut log"

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"The way my plate broke in almost even pieces"

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"A restaurant where burgers and fries are served inside of a pneumatic tube after being sent through additional tubing around the room. Water is also dispensed through a sewing machine."

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"My house has a paper plate on the wall. No clue as to it’s functionality"

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"The black burnt part of my toast almost resembles the word "black""

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"They forgot the plastic cover and printed right on the mac and cheese"

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"The sheriff’s office parked an empty car on the highway so people will slow down. It’s the highway equivalent of a scare crow."

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"I received a note from the worker who packaged my Amazon order."

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"The seeds in this grape."

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"The fire hose covers in Tokyo"

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"A small elf village in the side of other buildings"

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"This ramen expires on a nonexistent day"

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"My mom has so many tabs open on Firefox, it just rounds it up to infinity"

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"If you’re gonna break a nail, I guess this is the way to do it"

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"This random wooden mouse I found in a field outside my house."

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"This tree's leaves didn't turn colors because of the lamp light/warmth"

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"One euro coin with inside seperated"

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"A sequence pillow when flipped in the right way makes this"

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"Picture of what looks like a flaming sword in my fireplace."

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"Almost every town in Japan has decorative man hole covers and the colored ones are hardest to find."

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