"Last April, I found a Krabby marble in my yard. Today I found Venusaur."

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"Snapping turtle creeping up my driveway"

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"My brother is a pilot stranded in Resolute Bay, Canada (super, super up north) and this is the sun over the horizon at 1230PM."

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"A vertical chessboard"

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"This moth my neighbor's dog found"

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"This gas station has Arizona Teas in their soda machine."

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"So there IS a right way to hang TP! (if you did it the other way, the hearts would be upside down)"

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"I took a picture of the moon tonight and after further inspection the cow did indeed jump over the moon."

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"I ran into the Pac-Man suit guy!"

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"This KitKat bench"

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"This store sells individual lids for all of those glass containers that I lose or break the lids for."

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"This plant looks like it’s flipping you off a bunch"

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"Some guy in my town bought a billboard for his wife celebrating their wedding anniversary."

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"Last April I was digging a hole and found a Krabby marble. Today I was putting down straw, and found Venusaur. Gotta catch em all!"

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"the way this glass shattered"

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"Today I flew over Egypt and spotted a pyramid in the distance"

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"Was trying to take a long exposure shot of the stars when an airplane decided to cut through my frame."

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"The shape of the building matches my daughter’s balloon."

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"My friend's army general looks like Walter White"

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"The broken TV a my gym looks like a contemporary painting"

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"The inside of a tissue box"

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"This old bottle of whiskey shaped like an eagle (the head comes off to reveal the cap)"

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"A 300-year-old brick with a paw print in it"

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"This penny has seen 2 pandemics"

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"The face in our yard after our snowman melted."

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"Monument against drunk driving in Moscow."

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"These are stacked metal pipes"

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"This extra giant strawberry that was in a package of strawberries we picked up from the grocery store today."

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"Visited Switzerland twice, took the same picture 18 months apart."

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"When I used to work at Best Buy I saw this while heading to the warehouse. I'm not sure how it's possible to do this."

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"The way the sun warmed this leaf, and it sank into the snow."

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"This neat old birdcage I found in the “free junk” area of my apartment’s lobby. I took it :)"

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"This guy wearing a Pac-Man suit."

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"This picture of a cloud I took in 2011 that looks like a horse arm wrestling a beaver"

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"Found Original Homeowner in the Walls of a Teardown"

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"I have a coin from when Hadrian was emperor of Rome thats almost 2000 years old"

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"My dogs Achilles are translucent in the sun."

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"My pan reached full heat while I was making breakfast and it accidentally created a gradient of pancakes doneness"

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"My Stroopwaffle fits perfectly over my cup"

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"Spiderman actually trying to save the cake"

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"I made some 'Save the Bees' themed Botanical Bread / Floral Focaccia"

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"Was flying from Vancouver to Los Angeles on a cloudy day and looked down to see Mount St Helens poking through."

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"A decades worth of used guitar strings"

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"Outside the Dutch parliament building, there is a lake and the same spot never freezes 1st pic taken by my auntie yesterday. 2nd pic is a painting from 1600s."

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"Was flying from Vancouver to Los Angeles on a cloudy day and looked down to see Mount St Helens poking through."

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